Yoon eun hye and daniel henney dating

He so talent and attracted.a Wish to see him in his next movie soon. I wish him best of luck for his upcoming dramas or movies... Actually my bias is Choi Jin Hyuk, but since he is on MS for 2 years, I detached myself from him for the time being for not to feel depressed and also to regain my enthusiasm to watch kdramas again. I really like the way he act in Big Man a lot of courage ,hope and love not only his family but all the people around him, give hope to fight for what is right not only because your luck knowledge you back out right away, everybody have a right to learn if you wanted to study for your better future at the same time look back all the people being fair in every judgement you made .. Already finished watching the last episode and love him even more. and I was totally touched by his acting in the drama "Monster 2016"..... Yoon eun hye and kang ji hwan is a perfect pair..them hope they'll work together again in a project..power Hi jihwang oppa your drama with name Hong Gil Dong play in my country and I always follow it you are very great actor^^ just really enjoy watching this d am a with ur great acting good luck jihwan oppa^^ I discovered you about two weeks ago. for the first time i love this korean drama lie to me. we really want to see Kang Ji hwan and Yoon Eun Hye will be the best couple in other dramas soon! if it's possible, we just want u two marry each other, hehe! every time i watch LIE TO ME, i will always feel in love. ), Coffee House, My GF's an Agent (sooo funny saw it twice! Your smile can hipnotize me,,,hopefully you'll play another comedy love drama soon,,i can't wait for it..you,,,sarangheee Kang ji hwan :) I'm your fans from Indonesia... I love the way you smile and your eyes are irresistible to ignore!!! Storyline was amazing, I give props and two-thumbs up to the director, and the producers for such an uplifting and surprising love story. keep up the good work & congrats belatedly in all your past projects, winning best actor & all that! Daniel Choi plays her inconsiderate type boss who is hard working and does everything himself, and has successfully climbed the managerial ladder.Their opposites personality leads to lurve, of course. now i watch incarnation of money "ang galing galing' you so genuis,funny, and cute.a lot of korean t.v. I absolutely became one of your fans since watching your drama with Yoon Eun Hye on Lie to me. You know, I've watched "Lie to me" more than ...... Even, sometimes I imagine that it would be in your real life. hehehe Now, we are here waiting for your next K-Drama with YEH agaiiiinnn, pleeassseeeee........ this is my first time to idol a korean actor you are the best, i watch lie to me its so great,in coffee house and hong gil dong so funny , you so handsome,we a killing smile. It's because of your chemistry with YEH at that drama.

강지환 role and acting in "Monster" is beyond what words can ever describe . I can't believe that I've watched it every week since march ! Right now just watch Monster again since i think i missed quite a bit for the first time. your first drama i watched was Lie to me since i love rom-com and Yoon Eun Hye.., then followed by your movies runway cop, my girlfriend is an agent and then Incarnation of Money.. even the people commit crime every thing have a reason... Lie to me is the only one I've seen and it was so good I'm looking at it a second time. I'm only 20 and your 38 but I fall inlove with you.. You are my super star since I've watched Lie To Me drama. You was really great job at Hong Gil Dong and other drama!!! You are an excellent actor in body language expressions :-) I really like the movie "Be strong, Geum-soon." You have very special talents and your emotions expressed in the movie are authentic. SARANGHAE hi.i know you from capital scandal about 5-6 years ago and I've watched 5-6 of your drama. Hes not only good at acting but he is handsome and adds alot of character to the roles that he portrays. I honestly say my true expression that you are really respectful I just checked your infos and in fact you have been working your life star for long times but I wast late to support you. I didnt know you have been acting for many years already... The first time I saw you was in Lie To Me,as Hyun Ki Joon. way way ahead of my CJH and got the recognition with those numerous acting awards.. I have seen all his drama series and all of them were good . I love ur korean drama like Lie To Me, incarnation of Money, Big Man and also ur movie My girlfriend is an agent with Kim Han Neul. The handsomest chaebol in the whole wide world.after and while watching ltm you got more and more attractive. Ok I guess you fit the profile of tall dark and handsome. Dude the script writer for your character made me wish I knew you for real!

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