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There seems some improved XML libraries in Win FX, taking shape of System. We have almost-stubbed sources of this library, but it is not actively developed yet. Since they are in public method signatures, so at least we cannot get rid of these mutual references. is an alternative Xml Serializer code generator which is based on Xml Serializer. Based on dtd2xsd internal, we also support conversion from DTD to RELAX NG. The functionality seems mainly for Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo). Xml dependent classes such as Config Xml Document). It runs only under mono, since it depends on our Xml Text Reader internals. It is a tiny tool that enables conversion from DTD structure to XML Schema. It already handles some queries, while major part implementation is missing or buggy (like FLWOR, expressions for sequence type handling, built-in function support etc.). Linq brings language-integrated data query functionality to C#. In C# 3.0, the next development version of C#, includes a new feature named “Linq”. NET 1.x is not so compliant with W3C XML Schema specification, Microsoft had to redesign System. Actually it is internally used to implement Xml Reader. It enables developers to get expected particles and attributes. It has no complicated template resolution, but works like functional languages. You might also want to learn about PHP5 simple XML API for its automatic structure inference.

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If you want to see another implementation, check Xml Node and DTMXPath Document in System. Xml Text Writer is completed, though it looks a bit slower than MS. You might also be interested in some improved implementations which resides in Mono. The design of Mono’s Xml Validating Reader is radically different from that of Microsoft’s implementation. NET, DTD content validation engine is in fact simple replacement of XML Schema validation engine. Microsoft has tried to do some of them, but it is not successful because of System. Xsl design problem: Our managed XSLT implementation is slower than MS XSLT for some kind of stylesheets, and faster for some. NET XML classes just treat it as Xml Qualified Name which does not contain prefix. Write Value() overloads are implemented, based on internal XQuery Convert (it is a historical implementation in 2.0 beta versions). Outer Xml)); Xmlvalidating Reader vr = new Xml Validating Reader(r); .... The previous article in this series discussed the DOM API for XML data access in the . It models an XML document as a tree of nodes kept in memory while a client is using the document.The top part of Figure 1 shows how the DOM parser produces a tree of nodes.The client access methods allow forward and backward movement, much like the client-side, static cursor in ADO data access on the Microsoft platform.

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