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One factor that accounts for this variable is earth s magnetic field.

And as mentioned in the previous assumption that the decay of c14 is a statistical probability estimation it becomes very problematic to derive any concrete error estimations.

Radiocarbon every day cosmic rays bombard our atmosphere carbon dating accurate.

Conventional carbon dating involves measuring the beta particles that break free as c14 decays bowman 34 . Such materials are precambrian since nothing that old should have detectable c14.

The farther one goes back in time the more severe contamination becomes.

Studies show the earth s magnetic field decays at 5 a century and that earth s magnetic field was 40 stronger in 1 000 ad then it is today snelling 873 .

Dendrochronology and the production effect problem as mentioned earlier tree ring samples which can be radiocarbon dated can give us insight into the past as to what the historical atmospheric ratios of c12 to c14 were. Assumption 3 carbon ratios are only altered by c14 decay after an organism dies.

Using these key or index fossils as markers smith could identify a particular layer of rock wherever it was exposed.

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