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It is a true democracy of wine, and it’s time you added your palate to the chorus This bright, balanced bottle from winemaker Merrilee Buchanan Benson melds classic pinot noir fruit flavors of cherries and cranberries with an herbaceous backbone of eucalyptus and tea tree.

The family-owned and -operated label has maintained a commitment to small-batch quality wines and sustainability for more than 29 years, using 100 percent solar power at the winery and managing its own certified Salmon Safe estate vineyards side by side with wetland and woodland habitats.

It displayed those classic cool vintage Oregon characteristics, making it immediately charming but with potential to improve over the next five years.” Waving a banner for the velvety, polished side of pinot noir, this silky wine from certified Salmon Safe and LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) vineyards in Dallas, Oregon, offers bright acidity and notes of grapefruit and strawberries.

“After a change of winemakers a few years back, this Medford winery is back with an impressive new take on tempranillo that has it all—power, structure, finesse, and the ability to age alongside your favorite Ribera del Duero for the next five years or more. ” Winemaker Don Crank transforms the fruit from vineyard founder Jim Bernau’s 31-year-old vines into a beautiful pinot noir that delivers from the nose—bursting out of the glass with black pepper, candied cherries, and spice—to a satisfyingly long finish.

Last December, trans woman Tahlia Rene blasted the app for its failure to act on the issue and said on Instagram, ‘So @tinder banned me for violating their community guidelines “in some way” but every trans woman knows this means I was auto banned based on volume of reports.

She explained that all of her photographs were appropriate and there was nothing that could be deemed ‘not safe for work’ in her profile.

Ariel said, ‘I wanted to just find love like everybody else. I was trying to find a boyfriend.’ She filed her lawsuit against Tinder on March 14 in Portland, Oregon, asking for a court order ‘prohibiting Tinder to continue discriminating against non-cisgender Oregon users.’ Tinder issued a statement later that day saying, ‘While we do not comment on pending litigation, we can say, categorically, that we do not ban users from Tinder due to gender identity.

Every dating app I’ve ever used or signed up for, I’ve always tried to disclose [my transgender identity] and be upfront with that because I don’t want to run into any harmful situations.’ Tinder recently rolled out a More Genders update in 2016, which allowed users to choose from 37 gender options varying from Man to Gender Questioning to Transgender Female.

They said at the time in a blog post, ‘Inclusion and acceptance drive this expansion, and we want Tinder to reflect the world that surrounds us every day.

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