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“Traitors will kick the bucket, trust me,” the man said.

“Those folks betrayed their friends, their brothers in arms.

Their service is powerful enough not to care if its adventures cause problems for the Foreign Ministry….

They are often amateurish, but aggressive.”In the “carnivorously competitive world of Russian security politics,” the pressure is on to adopt a “wartime culture, in which it is better to take a chance than miss one, and in which risks are there to be taken,” Galeotti adds. The principle allowing the FSB to execute Russia’s enemies overseas was enshrined in law in March 2006, when the Duma passed legislation on "counteracting terrorism," allowing state agencies the power to kill "terrorists" abroad.

But the more frightening possibility is that the attempted assassination was the work of a Russian death squad operating with official impunity but on its own initiative.

The British press has reported he may have been giving lectures to security professionals in the U. Estimates vary, but by some accounts, up to 300 agents and officers were exposed by his revelations—and if they were a few years younger than Skripal, some “may be generals now,” men in a position to take their long-sought revenge. But what is certain is that in the absence of any other plausible motive, suspicion will fall on Russia, and political pressure will build for the U. More economic sanctions and a rupture of diplomatic relations may suit Putin’s propaganda aims as he boosts his popularity at home by telling Russians that their country is at war.But as with the killing of Litvinenko in 2006, even the most intensive forensic investigation of the attempt on Skripal is unlikely to yield any leads that link the attack directly to the Kremlin.Keep up with this story and more Immediately after Skripal’s poisoning, which left the former spy and his daughter comatose on a bench following a lunch at Salisbury’s Zizzi restaurant, Russia’s propaganda machine went into full denial mode.And the murder attempt could have been the result of a rivalry between different security agencies.The FSB, formerly Russia’s domestic security service, is “increasingly…active abroad,” he says.

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