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Beau stole things - shoes, remotes, mobile phones, you name it he stole it!As for Tilly, toilet training proved to be really tricky with the other two around.Pleased to make him the Group winner, Group 2 CH/ AM CH HAMPTON COURTS MONTE CRISTO [ATC AT02396BRA] Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire) (MR V MALZONI) A dog I have judged and placed highly before, I have not changed my mind as he is still in great form and put in a solid performance but on the day he seemed to lack the lustre of the winner. GROUP 3 CH/AMGRCH PENNYWISE ON THE ROAD AGAIN (IMP USA) Breed: Dandie Dinmont Terrier (MRS B & MRS J DEACON & HILL) Another I have judged before , I admire his type and construction which put him amongst the winners.His handler brought out the best in him both standing and on the move, Truly a credit to the breed.This is the reason why I joined Bark Busters and it has been such an eye opener to actually see life through a dog’s eyes and start communicating with them in a way that they understand.These days I understand them and they understand and obey me!

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They have a large variety of body language that they use to convey a “stay away” message.

Stood out for me on the day, a smart well presented dog, well balanced head with keen expression, nice length of neck, short backed, chest deep with good ribbing, hindquarters strong and well muscled, stifles well bent, coat harsh, moved with drive looked good from all angles.

2 Oddie, Dyer & Nagrecha's (Norwich), a lovely compact dog of good bone and substance, wedged shape head neat set ears, strong in muzzle, correct shoulder placement, well bodied, good tail set, best of coats, moved true both ways and in profile.

Puppy Group 4 : Bower Mrs W & Mr K – LAKERIDGE RIORDAN – (Irish Terrier) Another excellent dog well boned, constructed and balanced, excellent head, ears well set showing expression, moved and showed well, holding a good topline and tailset on the move, good angulation front and rear, excellent coat and colour, showed well.

WELKS 18 Judge: Mr Hans van den Berg [Netherlands] Not so many dogs in the group.

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