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The peculiar political essence of the man is to delude himself and deceive the British people at the same time.He did it repeatedly as he finagled us into the 2003 Iraq War, and now he is desperately trying to keep Britain inside the EU with all the shameless chicanery of a practitioner of the three-card trick who was exposed long ago.Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway worried East Enders’ fans recently when he unveiled a painful looking injury that he’s keeping a secret.BBC viewers started to speculate how he’d become injured, and the character lied to Whitney about the injury.As of 12/26/2017, academic.will no longer provide web services.Data owners will still be able to access their files and should make arrangements to migrate their content to a supported web hosting platform.Whatever these reforms might be – and there is no sign they are in the offing – they would be incapable of satisfying the UK’s desire for a looser union of nations in which we could take back control of our borders.One might add, with all appropriate delicacy, that Blair’s invoking the help of the government of a country, which twice in the past century came quite close to destroying this one, displays a remarkable tin ear for historical resonances.

And we have learnt from official reports that he did this without ensuring that our troops were properly equipped, or making any proper plans for the future of the country he was about to help lay waste.But he really has surpassed himself with his latest plea that Germany should do all it can to stop Brexit But his preposterous entreaty to Germany to do everything possible to ‘reverse a mistake of historic proportions’ is astonishing even coming from his mouth.It may have escaped Blair’s notice that Germany is a foreign country, albeit a friendly one, with interests not identical to our own.His record since leaving office would by itself still disqualify him from consideration as a credible and trustworthy politician.Our avaricious former prime minister has mounted a stunningly successful attempt to aggrandise himself – at the last count the Blair family owned 38 homes worth an estimated £33million – by sometimes dubious methods.

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