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Other families included Alagn, Azlor, Bardaxi, Calasanz, Cornel, Eril, Fortuones, Galndez, Jimnez de Urrea, Lizana and Urrea, about which no information has yet been collected.

Ramiro defeated his brother Gonzalo in 1045 and annexed his territories to the kingdom of Aragon, whose boundaries were henceforth relatively stable.The name Senegundis/Sngonde was, however, not unusual in southern France at the time (see for example the mother of Raymond [I] Comte de Toulouse), suggesting that Jaurgains hypothesis may not be correct.Lacarra hypothesises that Isarns wife was , daughter of AZNAR Dato & his wife ---.The reference to French kings in the dating clauses of the charters of Santa Mara de Gerri, dated between the early 11th and the late 13th centuries, indicate that the county of Pallars was under the suzerainty of France throughout that period [Aznar], son of RAIMUNDO [I] Conde de Ribagorza & his wife --- (-after 13 Sep 953).The Codex de Roda names "Uernardo et domno Miro ac domno Lope seu domno Ysarno [Aznarium]" as the children of "Regemondo" and his wife, recording that Isarn was captured "in Tutela" and released by "rex Sanzio Garseanis". "Domnus Isarnus comes et marchioin Paliarensis" founded the monastery of Burgals, with the consent of "fratrum meorum sive filiis", and offered "filia mea Ermengarde" as a nun, by charter dated to [945]Isarnus comes et uxor mea Adalizis comitissa et filius meus Guilelmus comes donated Alodio de Sesui cum ecclesia...

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