Who is nina dobrev from vampire diaries dating

Until the night she got a mysterious call from her pack leader asking... Solid 7.5/6 show that has potential to rise to 8 if played well.See full summary » 16-year-old Cassie moves from California to live with her grandmother in Chance Harbor, Washington, and falls in love with a mysterious boy named Adam. (Especially if the wedding had an open bar, as all weddings should) But no degree of openness to the bar is going to force friends to kiss or suck each other's tongues. cried when Katherine Pierce died, but let's not name names) Nina was also smart enough to jump ship before the series fizzled and died.(At which point, the series had lost their hottest female and male stars -- Nina Dobrev and Steven R Mc Queen) And, not for nothing, but she'd had a serious breakup with costar Ian Somerhalder ... She's gorgeous and she's talented and could basically have any guy on the planet. Admittedly, we'd hoped that she might go in a different direction when she was spotted with Ruby Rose, we're still glad that she's with a guy who reportedly treats her the way that she deserves. Unless you're, like, in the Duggar fertility cult and courtship is supposed to lead to nothing but side-hugs and marriage.But the source says that Nina's being smart about things.Ever since she and Ian Somerhalder broke up back in May 2013 — and especially since Ian recently began dating Twilight's Nikki Reed — it seems like the rumor mill has been going crazy pairing the actress up with hot Hollywood actors, most recently after this year's Comic-Con.Whether or not there is any truth to all the speculation, we have to admit that any of these guys would be lucky to date the Vampire Diaries star.

See full summary » When she left Stonehaven - 'for good this time' - Elena Michaels thought she had left the world of supernatural behind. So far the show is good; the rating does justice to it.has a source that confirms that Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell are dating. They were friends and it turned into something more a little while ago." We're thinking that "a little while ago" was back in January or perhaps a little earlier. Not just for outsiders -- like, sometimes a blossoming couple can't put their finger on when their friendship became romantic.Though, as you'll see, we barely even need a source at this point. "They like each other and are seeing where it goes." That's a good way to start dating.See more » I'll just put this in pros and cons since there's no really point writing 1000 words review for the show that barely started. ago, we told you that Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell are dating.

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