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Youth stars Michael Caine and Rachel Weisz, and is “very strange” beams Fonda, who has a small role.

“I just really wanted to work with this guy; he’s not like any director I’ve ever worked with before.” Given how busy she appears to be as an actress again these days, it’s rather remarkable that she publicly retired from the profession in the early 1990s.

Jane Fonda learnt the truth only months later, when she read it in a movie magazine.

Her first film role, at the age of 23, was as a husband-hungry cheerleader in Tall Story (1960) and just two years later she received a Golden Globe for Most Promising Newcomer, for playing a prostitute in Edward Dmytryk’s 1920s-set melodrama Walk on the Wild Side.

However, the thrice-married, thrice-divorced Fonda believes the comedy also has a serious point to make, in finally representing women of her generation on screen. It’s not like it’s too much, it’s not like you can’t see my wrinkles, right? “But I think it probably bought me a decade of work.” For the record, she looks good for 77, but without the terrifyingly frozen or suspiciously smooth appearance acquired by many devotees of the surgeon’s knife.

“We are the fastest-growing demographic in the world, and yet we have no face in the mass media,” she says, leaning forward, elbows on knees. I was a movie star, and I produced a lot of my own movies. And she still embodies well-groomed glamour, with her voluminous highlighted hair and rail-thin figure dressed, today, in a diaphanous pale-green blouse and black trousers.

when I was working and had to look good, and when I was in an inauthentic relationship, which I was in a lot.” • The 39 TV flops of 2015 so far In the 1980s, Fonda transformed herself into the epitome of hardbodied fitness.

And I will have to confess that I am very much a victim of that.” She pauses, gazing towards the window. I suffered from eating disorders.” She has said before that her bulimia, which began at high school and continued for years, was “intensified under two conditions ...Fonda’s performance as a sort of sex kitten space traveller has earned the film an enduring cult following, but Fonda only truly cemented her reputation a year later when she won her first Oscar nomination for the Depression-era tragedy They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?The Oscar for Best Actress came the year after, for her performance as another prostitute, the alienated Bree Daniels, in Klute.“Not only was it a fitness phenomenon,” says Fonda, now. Between 19, she put out 22 more videos, five workout books, and 12 audiobooks. “But in Connecticut, where we moved when I was 10, I began to notice that people treated us differently,” says Jane.“They’d whisper: ‘Oh my god, it’s Henry Fonda.’” Her father was famously critical, though, especially of both Jane and her younger brother, Peter.

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