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Similarly, while the affluent might not be in church because of have a car or because it’s not their ‘weekend’ for church.Sadly, people who want to get to church simply can’t.We live in a era in which no parent makes a visit to a doctor’s office without having first googled the symptoms of a child’s illness and a recommended course of treatment. In an age where we have access to everything, more and more people are self-directing their spirituality…for better or for worse.Similarly, another characteristics of the post-modern mind is a declining trust of and reliance on institutions. But many churches behave like an institution, and the post-modern mind instinctively moves away from it as a result.That could be because there isn’t much value (gut check).Or it could be because there is value that they simply don’t see.So how does this translate into attendance patterns?

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There are pros and cons to online church (I outline 7 here) and there’s no doubt that churches with a strong online presence have seen it impact physical attendance.But whether or not your church has online options doesn’t make the issue go away.Anyone who attends your church has free access to any online ministry of any church.The number of people who feel guilty about not being in church on Sunday shrinks daily.I regularly meet people all the time who haven’t been in months but LOVE our church.

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