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It was long days and nights, there’s a lot involved in making a low-budget film, but it’s a great film.[The film is set for release in May 2016] Were you already Rocky Horror fans?When we do our dress run I’ve heard they bring in 50 to 60 people to shout at us so we can get used to it.

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I’m a girl from Blackburn – I know they yell “slag” at Janet so I have to remember not to yell back! I always follow people on Instagram who put up life quotes – such as “Be who you are”. I’m the biggest critic of myself – there was a complimentary article in The Telegraph recently, and I started picking myself apart reading it! Diana: I want to be a performer, so I have got to have lots of different things to do.

Duncan Hall caught up with X Factor star Diana Vickers and Emmerdale’s Ben Freeman ahead of rehearsals about playing the all-American couple at the heart of the story: Brad and Janet.

The Guide: Are you excited to be starting the tour in Brighton?

That was four years in the studio – I couldn’t face going back in again – I wanted to do something different.

My dream life would be to do a play once a year, then do a film and then a musical.

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