Who is charlie sheen dating

Last month, the actor opened up about his struggles with the disease.

“[The drugs] kept me suppressed and alive,” he said, “but I struggled with a constant migraine and at times, borderline dementia.” To remedy his illness, Sheen has turned to an experimental drug called PRO 140, which works as "an antibody to reduce or control the HIV viral load." “I’ve started to feel back to myself again and back in touch with all aspects of my life,” he said.

Originally from Downers Grove, Illinois, her family moved there when Richards was just 15 years old.

From 2002 to 2006, the alum was married to model and actress Denise Richards. Sheen's most recent marriage was to actress Brooke Mueller.In recent years, though, she seems to have fallen under the radar while her infamous ex-husband manages to stay in the spotlight for one reason or another.Denise Richards began her illustrious modeling career at the tender age of 19, shortly after graduating from high school in Oceanside, California. Her name’s Julia Stambler and she totally knows that he’s HIV-positive. Apparently, she’s also mad at her friends for telling her to stay away from him because of his status. At least the two of them aren’t approaching it like the late Tommy “AIDS Is In The Mind” Morrison did. She thinks shunning him would be a bad vibe to send out to people who have been afflicted by this. The disease wound up KOing him even harder than Sylvester Stallone did in .

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