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Look at all the pretty boys with strong faces, to-die-for bone structures and beautiful eyes plus all the tall, gorgeous girls. Johan Wahlbäck, the founder of Singelringen, while enjoying his single life, recognised that although married people and engaged people have rings, there is nothing that allows single people to clearly announce their status. It’s kinda like being part of a little exclusive singles club. But then again, there are people who are complete sluts and get it on with anyone with a raging hardon whether they’re single or they have 3 kids from different wives. You know I’m a sucker for all things Swedish: Filippa K, Cheap Monday, Acne Jeans, Duka, Ordning & Reda and many more. I really need to find a new country to be obsessed about. it’s a ring specifically made for single people like me! This unisex ring, featuring a turquoise colour acrylic layer shining over a silver band, is worn on the right hand or on a neck chain as the opposite of a wedding ring, to signify that the wearer is available for dating. It’s kinda embarassing enough to ask people whether or not they’re seeing someone. Everything in bloody Sweden is hip, fantastic and well-designed. They have this thing about making the simplest, practical things look chic. The last time I had an obsession on this (unhealthy) scale was hmmm, about four years ago, think Brazil. is a cute little folder with a gorgeous piece of finger candy. Even Naomi Campbell, Juliette Lewis and Wilmer Valderrama’s got these little blue babies. In spite of the bold, fashionable exterior that you see in photographs, Anna is incredibly warm, incredibly gracious and incredibly friendly.We sat down and talked about our careers, our personal histories, how many, many people want to be a stylist or an editor these days, how fashion can be too political at times, how bloggers brought back the joy and the fun and the celebration in fashion, etc.No one has to relocate for the other as long as what you have works. Do all straight men harbor secret Rapunzel fantasies? I think you should be flattered that guys adore your crowning glory as opposed to other weird and unconventional body parts, like your belly button or something. Freud could have written a thick, shiny, glossy book about it, but I think what it all ultimately boils down to is that your hair helps men define their role: Me Tarzan, you Jane.__My boyfriend and I have been dating for more than three years, and I feel like we've stopped growing. Not everyone has the psychic abilities of my favorite sales associate at Prada (who seems to know what I want each season without my pro- viding specifics).Someone will move eventually—maybe even both of you. What can we do to keep our relationship not boring? __Whenever things get dull, I ask myself: When was the last time I did something for the first time? Carly Rae Jepsen sang it best: If he doesn't give you his phone number, then perhaps you should give him yours and wait for him to call you.

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While interviews with former friends of Bryanboy were quoted in the Rogue article, other blogsites became the venue for the defense of Bryanboy. No amount of photos can give it justice — it’s hard to explain. At least when you find someone wearing the ring, you know they are single and they are open to dating other people. Would you want to flirt with a married guy or someone with a boyfriend? Anna Dello Russo is a woman whose colossal love for fashion knows no limits. She collects clothes and accessories from the world’s best designers and owns over 4,000 pairs of shoes. One is where she lives (by herself and her baby Cucciolina) and the other apartment is where she store some of her clothes. Also, whether in chic, black frames or elaborate detailing, hundreds of personal photos are displayed throughout the apartment. She wears Abercrombie fleece tracksuits when flying, she collects mannequin heads and she hoards vintage socks and leggings, dating back from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, all in pristine condition.Both of her apartments are overflowing with clothes so she stores her luggage and Louis Vuitton pieces inside this massive antique cabinet in the patio.

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