Who has will demps dating

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10 September Quintin Demps news, gossip, photos of.

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im dating his hommie from the eagles and i always get the scoop from ear hustling well, as far as i know, he seems to be a nice guy but his baby momma/wife, whatever needs to keep an eye on her new friend yeah, the personal trainers and LV keychains are all just gifts...careful Mrs. Yeah those are for his son.....he's a cool dude but definetly one that cant be trusted. Which made me realize he definitly has a gf/wife/baby mama whateverr...

Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. He might be a nice guy now but I knew him when he thought he was a playa getting away with all kinds of stuff. you must didnt do something right Ok so you get on here and name drop.....talking about his baby?? Leave that man and his family alone...you really know him then you know that he's not a disrespectful person! And why are y'all concerned about where he hangs out in Philly?? Like i said, he treated me w/respect bcz i dnt put myslf n such a situation and my boy is his ex teamate. Maybe since he moved frm "dockside"(such a beautiful view) to NJ his player days will b put on hold. Reply-to: Whoever wrote that Quintin is a disrespectful dog is a damn lie! im dating his hommie from the eagles and i always get the scoop from ear hustlingquintin is a disrespectful dog, i know him well!

Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD. Ask him bout his other daughter that he claims to not know anything about!! cuz you aint the girlfriend you a definitley hating. I've witnessed many sides of OL' boy and he does have a cocky arrogant side. Quit running your mouth about someone you obviously dont know. Whoever wrote that Quintin is a disrespectful dog is a damn lie! Say what it is and quit speaking between the lines. People are always talking about someone based on ear hustling. he was always respectful to me, but the way he treats my girl and his babymom is crazy.

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