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Proper customizing can potentially lead to massive performance... It took Lubuntu 26 seconds to boot into the desktop for me.

I’m sure the majority of that time was spent loading the operating system rather than just the desktop environment (as you’ll see from the other results, these times are only slightly different).

MATE is a fork from the old GNOME 2The world of Linux desktop environments has dramatically changed since then.

Gnome 3 was born, Gnome 2 was essentially thrown to the side, Gnome 3 was forked to create Cinnamon, and so on. desktop environment after the GNOME team pretty much abandoned it in favor of GNOME 3.

Instead of Libre Office, you’ll see Abiword and Gnumeric as replacements for word processing and spreadsheets, respectively.

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Again, most of that time is surely taken up by loading the operating system rather than the desktop environment, but it is still 2-3 seconds longer than Lubuntu.

So while Xubuntu wasn’t laggy at all, I do think Lubuntu was marginally better.

MATE is being tested with Ubuntu MATE, the official MATE-powered Ubuntu spin.

Immediately after the desktop finished loading, I opened the System Monitor to check how much RAM was being used. That means you could reasonably run Lubuntu on a system with only 512 MB of RAM if you stick with ultra-lightweight applications, especially when it comes to your choice of browser.

Once I recorded the amount of used RAM, I began opening various applications and clicking around randomly — switching between applications, minimizing/maximizing them, moving them around the screen, and interacting with the applications themselves while others were running in the background.

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