What is absolute and relative age dating

When I plotted internal and external attractiveness combined, and saw the "lull" in the early twenties (A), I was a little surprised. The "lull" is the point where a girl looks beautiful but has yet to come into herself. So many girls in their early twenties are this way.

Their overall attractiveness stalls until they develops their personality throughout their twenties.

The offset is a function of the orientation of the parison relative to the two molds (parison and blow molds) used on the particular machine, or occasionally, to the hot parison "sticking" to the neck ring of the parison/blank mold when transferring to the blow mold (Ceramic Industry 19-15).

(Note: the term "parison mold" and "blank mold" are synonymous for the first mold in the two mold machine process.): (see the Note box below point #3 for an exception) run up to the highest point of the finish and often onto the extreme top finish surface (i.e., onto the rim or lip).Some women never make this internal development, as illustrated in one of the example variations, posted here.Notice that the full potential for combined attractiveness is never reached, because the peak of internal and external attractiveness do not occur simultaneously.Click on the picture to the left to view an illustration which shows both of these seams or click machine-made finish to view an image which shows well the seam below the finish.Both seams are quite diagnostic of machine manufacture and are usually visible, though the seam at the top of the finish can be hard to see on some bottles - especially if the finish was fire polished.

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