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It is an open-air archaeological museum and the only reconstructed city of the Vikings in the world.was built in 1910 and later was successfully converted into a boutique hotel in colonial style, with leather sofas and 19 century furniture.The south of Sweden is a great place for those who do not have time for a long trip, but there have a desire to see everything at once.Picturesque lakes and forests, nature reserves, parks and small medieval towns.View the live Swedish weather conbditions at Malmo City in the Scania Province in Sweden by viewing this live Malmo City weather webcam in Sweden Malmö in the southernmost province of Scania, is Sweden's third largest city by population after Stockholm and Gothenburg, and is one of the largest cities in Scandinavia.Aggiornamento archivio2010/11/05 ( 1094 webcam ) Per la visione di alcune immagini pu essere necessario che il proprio browser disponga di alcuni programmi aggiuntivi (plug-in).

For example, jewelry in the style of the Viking Age, souvenirs and books about Vikings.Now here is located the museum of Vikings, where you can see the ancient artifacts and models of brave warrior ships.Also, you can climb on the wall of the fortress, from where you can see a beautiful view of a small medieval village.Keys are made in vintage style and in the backyard of the villa-hotel owners grow greenery for the kitchen in clay pots: cumin, mint, rosemary.You can also lie down in a hammock or play petanque game(throwing balls).

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