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The sensor and the support electronics are built on a single silicon chip to save space and manufacturing costs.By switching a webcam into the bayer mode it is possible to access the information of the single pixels and a resolution below 3 m was possible.This wouldn t be the first time we ve pushed these theories too far.

Some of them for example those used as online traffic cameras are expensive rugged professional video cameras.

For a more complete list see comparison of webcam software.

Many newer devices can produce video in multi megapixel resolutions and a few can run at high frame rates such as the playstation eye which can produce 320 240 video at 120 frames per second.

Some cameras such as mobile phone cameras use a cmos sensor with supporting electronics on die i.

Quickcam was available in august 1994 for the apple macintosh connecting via a serial port at a cost of 100.

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