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Producer Teddy Bishop finished the song and it was released as a single from the posthumous compilation album .The understated production showcases Aaliyah's vocals. The accompanying music video features clips from her earlier videos as well as cameo tributes from a wide range of her music friends and colleagues.changed their policy to allow airplay only singles on the Hot 100.However, the single was already headed down so only reached #21 on that chart. "Are You That Somebody" received Aaliyah's first Grammy Award nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.Watch Video , but it was completed after the album was ready to hit stores.Instead, the song was saved for Aaliyah's next album.The album of the same name peaked at #18 on the overall album chart. It includes cameo appearances by rappers Proof and Bizarre.The accompanying music video was directed by Millicent Shelton, known for work with Mary J. Watch Video "We Need a Resolution" was the lead single from Aaliyah's self-titled third album.

which starred Aaliyah in her first major movie role.

"I Care 4 U" was not officially released as a single until after the compilation album of the same name was released in December 2002.

"I Care 4 U" was released as a twelve-inch promotional single in April 2013 over eighteen months after Aaliyah's death.

Among the studio work Timbaland performed was transforming the clarinet sample from 10/8 time to 4/4. Kelly saying, "1-2, check up, baby, lemme know what's up." "At Your Best (You Are Love)" became Aaliyah's second top 10 pop hit peaking at #6.

Timbaland also used backward tracks for closing impact. "We Need a Resolution," with its complex, futuristic feel, was only a minor commercial success. Drake sampled Aaliyah's recording of "At Your Best (You Are Love)" in his 2010 song "Unforgettable." Hip hop artist Frank Ocean released a cover of the song in 2015 as a tribute to Aaliyah on what would have been her 36th birthday. It is a ballad written by superstar songwriter Diane Warren.

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