Voddie baucham book on dating

Next thing you know it’s been a year, it’s been 2 years and it’s really not happening.

So you’re either going to marry someone because you’ve invested so much time or you going to walk away and you’ve stolen 2 years of their life.

I received this letter from a young lady last week—a Bible college student who grew up in a Christian home and Christian school. Her words will greatly challenge you as a parent or pastor: .

I believe it’s the saddest letter I’ve ever read and right on the mark for so detailing the experiences of so many young Christians. I found them to be extremely encouraging and instructive.

You can see, if that happens just a few times…you’re looking at our sisters who are out there in their mid-thirties, late-thirties, never been married but they got this scar tissue built up around their hearts.

Maybe you can write a book for our parents that will grab their attention and help them see that this is serious—that their kids need them, desperately. I must say I’m a little hesitant to share my name with you because that attaches me with my parents, who are, by the way, good people.

Thanks for everything you have already done to help Christian teens and their families.

These books showed me that not only do you have a real heart for young people, but you also understand us well.

I am writing to ask you to consider writing a book to our parents and youth workers.

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