Van hansis and tyler hanes dating

They agreed after Van got back from Vancouver to see a play a friend of Eric's was directing. He chickened out on saying who he was to Van because Van and Eric walked out together, hugged and Van is apparently renting a light blue Ford Focus. In December the show had gotten notice of the cancellation and decided to do a triangle which Noah was absent for around 90% of the time.Didn't notice what Eric drove, but Eric did have near a full beard. Goutman couldn't stand the character of Noah and really wanted him gone.So I guess that is canon too since the actor portraying Luke said it. The point is, even if they did get back together, it was only because Reid died. Wonder what good Noah's big cock would do for Luke? Tyler looks well hung to me so Van is making out okay!And given their track record they would have split up two weeks later. He barely used it on him and it took them two years to get around to it. Same with Van; I always liked when he wore that too tight suit on the show. There have been no new males in Van's age range on this show over the past year. If so you would have all been jumping on the bandwagon since most Nukies don't really care about Luke or the way Noah treated him like dirt and mooched off him and his family for three years. or to Stuffer The Doctor Dick guy is just trying to get a rise out of people and sometimes I guess he succeeds. I am sure he is very upset and hurt that you don't like him and do these rewatch threads that totally twists what was really happening around! The only thing Nukies are upset about is that he didn't bat his beautiful blue eyes at Noah.

His blindness was supposed to be the end of Nuke and send him out of town. Bob has done so much for Dickie and Dickie just can't appreciate it. I don't doubt this sitcom is a piece of shit, practically everything on TV is, but he keeps getting work and he will continue to. Van deserves a tough guy, if he is the boyfriend I think a woman has a chance with Van Doctor Dick re-watch 04-15-10I've heard, that these Dallas episodes are the sexual climax for Lure. And, yes, he and Tyler are a smokin' hot couple; very delicious looking!! Did Eric steal your lunch money in the school yard? Laughing my fucking ass off; you are one-fucked up mental case. Again, Reid was raising money for a neurowing, not to buy himself a new Lexus or a condo. I bet the Rekers were expecting some sexy times in Dallas, but... I guess if Dickie really were a gay or even a bi, there would have been some sexy times. I think he is handsome, but whatever, to each his own. He also didnt submit himself for a daytime emmy and seems pretty much over the whole soap thing although, at this point, he'd probably take whatever he can get. He has a lot of talent that has not been tapped yet and I think he will eventually be working a lot. Oh, and Entertainment Weekly just mention Luke and Noah as ATWT's supercouple. While you are doing a review of your rewatch you might want to add the times Noah threw Luke under the bus, told him to get lost and also the times Reid tried to give them an opening to reunite, which Noah of course screwed up.Sonny's oldest son Michael was recasted this past year but he is still supposed to be in high school so I doubt Van was tested for the role. One of the script writers wrote an epilogue with some Nuke fans and that means what?So what would happen if another writer on the show wrote another ending with Reid fans - like Reid wasn't really dead (as almost no one on soaps ever is - I will never forget one character actually being autopsied and then showing up alive.) Would that be conflicting canons? This is going on longer than the OJ trial.[R102] The two fanbases are very impassioned like a lot of soap fans are over their couples - nothing new in soaps.

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