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Distribution of Potential Hydrothermally Altered Rocks in Central Colorado Derived From Landsat Thematic Mapper Data: A Geographic Information System Data Set As part of a mineral resource assessment, imagery data were used to help target areas where exposed rocks might be hydrothermally altered, providing an indication of the location of potentially mineralized areas that may contain mineral deposits.

Characterization of Geologic Structures and Host Rock Properties Relevant to the Hydrogeology of the Standard Mine in Elk Basin, Gunnison County, Colorado Geological and borehole geophysical data and observations collected to characterize the basin and its surface and groundwater flow systems with primary focus on the physical characteristics of the fault vein, related mine workings, and surrounding bedrock Geophysical Characterization of Subsurface Properties Relevant to the Hydrology of the Standard Mine in Elk Basin, Colorado To help understand the hydrogeologic controls in the basin and how they affect surface and groundwater interactions with nearby mine workings, electrical resistivity profile, self–potential, and magnetic measurement data are provided herein.

In Puget Sound, Quaternary deposits up to 1 km thick record at least six glaciations and interglacial periods.

The glacial stratigraphy is key to evaluating earthquake shaking intensity, landslide susceptibility, and groundwater quality and quantity.

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Coal Fields map compiled using data primarily from the USGS National Coal Resource Assessment (NCRA).Geochemistry of sediments in the US from the PLUTO database Geochemical data for unconsolidated sediments (stream sediments, lake sediments, etc.) collected in the US and analyzed by the USGS.These data were originally entered in the PLUTO database, which is now merged into the National Geochemistry Database.CHAMPS (the Consortium for geologic and HAzards Mapping in Puget Sound-USGS, UW, WDGER) is using a combination of geologic and geophysical mapping, dating techniques (14 C, paleomagnetic, tephra, Ar/Ar, optically stimulated luminescence), and high resolution laser terrane mapping to document the distribution, thickness, age and physical properties of the basin fills, their depositional facies and geomorphology, and the record of the Vashon ice advance and retreat.USGS National Map of Surficial Mineralogy Maps of exposed surface mineral groups derived from automated spectral analysis of satellite and airborne imaging systems; these data suggest areas that may contain mineral deposits of various types. Comparative mineral mapping in the Colorado Mineral Belt using AVIRIS and ASTER remote sensing data A multidisciplinary mapping and data integration project focused on long-term resource planning by the mapping and characterization of exposed surface mineralogy, including that related to hydrothermal alteration and supergene weathering of pyritic rocks.

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