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On my 94 back in like 03 my wife rear ended some kid at school that had to stop in the middle of the road because some other dumb kid from school who thought it would be funny to slam on their brakes for no reason just to make everyone else behind slam on their brakes. I found a compressor never before installed for 80 on craigslist.I paid about 0 a few years back for new seals and re-gas for a 91 falcon. He took a cap off one of the A/C metal hose thingies (kinda like a tire cap), pressed down on it and it started gushing out air (or A/C gas or whatever).Your dads an idiot ;) Sounds like your problem lies with your compressor, if you have plenty of gas but no cold air chances are the clutch is flapped or the compressor is. it was left open since then and had a old r12 condensers put on "the ac's radiator", well I had to get a new one of those anyway but I ended up replacing that the compressor the accumulator and the orifice tube. Then he tells the cops I had on my turn signal and was turning but for some reason the cop let him go even though he passed the only right turn on the road by 20 feet before the collision lol anyway.Compressor – Bock FKX40/560K R134A Sutrak p/n .060-46 Compressor Bock FKX40/560K R134a without service valves or pressure switches. Available as part of our special offer with 3 year warranty, subject to te…Compressor Bock FKX40/470 R134A Sutrak p/n .060-45 FKX40/470K R134A compressor without service valves or pressure switches.

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Can somebody Identify each part and tell me which would need replaced or serviced after being left open for a year? Vile can help out a lot more than what I have but that should get you started So, if i were to get that compressor, i would need an orifice tube and an accumulator? the orifice tube has a screen type of filter it will get dirty very easy remove it, flush the system and replace it. The descant is replaceable if accumulator is serviceable. My opinion you should do all the mechanical replacement / assembly, then take it to a shop that has an AC machine. If its tight they can refill it with 134sorry about the compressed air.I hear there is a part the will dry out after 3 days or so of being open and will need to be replaced. the conversion kit is only different fittings(srader valve) for the high and low side. we used the a/c flush then compressed air then vacuumed out the system. The accumulator will suck up moister and render in-op thats the part your talking about it wont dry out but the opposite.So I'm just wondering if I should go for the full A/C service or just get it regassed.The car is a 91 Mazda 626 and I'm not sure it's ever had an A/C service in it's life.

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