Updating to plesk 9 dating dudson jasperware

From the official HTTP/2 Github FAQ: "Why revise HTTP?Loading a Web page is more resource intensive than ever (see the HTTP Archive’s page size statistics), and loading all of those assets efficiently is difficult, because HTTP practically only allows one outstanding request per TCP connection. This is an ancient version of PHP and incompatible with modern Content Management Systems (CMS).This point is driven home with the recent release of Word Press 3.2 that requires a minimum of PHP 5.2.4.

You’ll have to use tools like diff to find out what changes you made.

If you click the option “Download Plesk installer for Linux”, you’ll see the actual script open in a new browser tab.

Not what we want, although you could copy and paste this into a new file on your Linux system.

HTTP/2 is designed to be a nimbler, more reliable protocol than its predecessor.

This article explains how to enable HTTP/2 on your Media Temple DV with Plesk.

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