Updating steam checker

Life back then was something of a 'Boy's Own' adventure, if you like..how time flies!Fast-forward 50-odd years and the ageing process does have its advantages - it gives us a chance to draw on feelings that we were unable to express as small boys.I no longer have the ability to modify files on my C: drive.This is causing my programs to have difficulty updating(like Steam games) and I cannot alter configuration files that I need to have access to.

After all, the hobby cuts no ice in today's hard-nosed society and this is especially the case at the parties I'm invited, where the people I meet are constantly looking over my shoulder in case someone more interesting enters the room.These are the in-progress versions of Sublime Text 3, and are updated more frequently.Feel free to use them, but keep in mind you will be running less tested code, and you'll be seeing many more update notification prompts.Each release will normally have a topic in the forum.Sublime Text 3 dev builds are available to licensed users only.

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