Updating sd card reader on pc Cam wepchat

We recommend that you save it to your desktop and initiate the free scan using the desktop icon.Should you choose not to save the application, you may simply initiate the free scan by clicking the "Run" button on the File Download Window.If your card reader is fairly new, it may be possible to download individual card reader driver files directly from the manufacturer without incurring additional charges.If you are having problems locating the correct driver, or are unsure of the exact model, we suggest you run this system scan first.While the aircraft is updating, the status indicator light just above the camera will flash from green to red and the drone will beep "D-D-D-D." Once the light is solid green and the beeping changes to "D-DD," the process is complete and the aircraft can be turned off.After the status indicator light shows solid green and your aircraft has been turned off, remove the SD card and again insert it into your computer or USB reader.

We suggest that you click here to download an installer that will automatically scan and identify your card reader to ensure you are installing the correct update and will also locate and download any additional driver and bios updates your pc may need.

You can download the recommended card reader updates by clicking the "Download" button.

Important: If you are using Firefox or Netscape as your browser, you will be directed to save the application "to disk" (we recommend that you save the application to your desktop).

It's our goal to provide easy, one-click access to all of the latest drivers for your computer.

Saving you time and preventing the possibility of installing an incorrect system driver, which could potentially cause a system crash.

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