Updating mygig

just like your home computer, you never switch it off during the update process. So I don't know if it's locked up or if it is still loading and I should just leave it alone. Well, I can't get the disc to eject and I guess I don't know how to reboot this thing. Here is something probably over 95% of mygig users dont know.

I guess I should just take it in, but I thought I'd see if you guys had any advice. PRESS AND HOLD "seek up", "seek down", and "menu" at the same. Scroll through the options till you see EJECT DISK.

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This would be a pay for from navteq as happened in the states. if you are reading the date that displays on the mygig, then this is the Mygigs software RELEASE/BUILD date!!! I know it is not up to date as there is a 20 mile section of motorway that has been open for the last 3 years and it is not showing on the maps. if you are reading the date that displays on the mygig, then this is the Mygigs software RELEASE/BUILD date!!!, i actually wrote to Navteq, and got a reply as such....Future: 12v constant power outlet, tow hitch, leather??No , I'm planning an out of state trip and I want to make sure that my maps are up to date.

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