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But I have formated the memory stick and restored it to default settings.Does anyone know how I can hack the PSP so I can customize and play games from the memory stick? If you have any psp games, try making an ISO folder in the root of you memory card. (I do this with all my PSP games, to save carrying around the 20 UMDs). Extract the 5.00 Update on the ROOT of your Memory Stick X:\ 5.I only just recently found my PSP 1000 that I lost 3 years ago.

The hit will last you a few seconds, before the feelings of guilt and shame kick in. Luckily for you, the entity has gifted to us the power to write this guide so that it may help you on your quest to outrun the killers and sacrifice all the survivors.The files in your psp were modified....permanently, and there are only very few solutions to that.One of the procedures I know of could only fix the problem by installing more CFWs. But just for your information, you would most likely install 3.52/53 M33-1 first (CFW; and yes, if i recall correctly, M33 allows you to install 3.03 - 3.52 automatically in the process), then 3.52/53 M33-4 (CFW), then 5.00 M33-4 (CFW), then finally 6.60 OFW from there. I'm not sure if there are newer guides/procedures, but include "Update", "to 6.60", and "3.03 OE/SE/M33" or whatever previous CFW you were using in your search tags and you should find numerous guides already.BTW I don't think I can downgrade my PSP to firmware 1.50 because I know one method that requires Lumines but I don't have the game. ie./ X:\ISO Then copy your backed up CSO/ISO image to that directory. Also, depending on your firmware, if you use the PSP to format the memory stick it will create all the 'extra' folders like ISO, and /PSP/Game150 etc. Extract RAR, Place the RECOVERY folder in X:\PSP\GAME folder 3. Go to GAME on the XMB and run Hellcat's Recovery Flasher 6.Follow the Instructions carefully or this could result in a brick!

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