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If you warranty is still in effect, it will remain unchanged.

Full details, instructions for checking your BIOS version and updating it (if needed) and an FAQ can be found here.

Depending on platform, a variety of different video and audio output methods are supported. Currently, the parser makes no difference whether an option starts with It gets more complicated if the suboption parser is involved.

Usage examples to get you started quickly can be found at the end of this man page. The suboption parser puts several options into a single string, and passes them to a component at once, instead of using multiple options on the level of the command line.

Windows could not find any networks, and the Wireless Adaptor was not showing up in the Device Manager.

This actually happened to my sister’s laptop (Compaq Presario v6317ca), on either Friday or Saturday last week, the Wireless Adaptor stopped working.

I explained the problem to the guy who answered (who actually spoke English!!!

) and what I did to troubleshoot it and attempt to fix it.

If your Notebook is affected by any of these issues, and qualifies, HP will fix it for free (including shipping charges to and from them).

If your warranty is over, they’ll still fix it if it’s within 1 year of the end of your warranty, they’ll also give you a 90-day warranty on the repair.

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