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When using a personal profile on a device, end-users may not see the caller ID details from a work contact.

With this update, there is a new setting in Android for Work When enabled (not configured), the work contact caller details are displayed in the personal profile.

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Currently, Always On can be used on Windows 10 devices by using a custom virtual private network (VPN) profile created using OMA-URI.

Remember, all app protection policies are already in Intune and you can modify any of your previously configured policies.

Intune App Policy Protection (APP) and Conditional Access (CA) policies are now under Conditional access, which can be found under the Manage section in the Microsoft Intune blade or under the Security section in the Azure Active Directory blade.

When using the Knox Deployment App, devices can be enrolled using Bluetooth or NFC.

For more information, see Automatically enroll Android devices by using Samsung's Knox Mobile Enrollment.

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