Understanding men in dating

While I hope for equality between the sexes on every level, I think it is very accurate to say that the dating world is really different for males and females.

According to basic societal rules, guys are the ones who are supposed to be making the first move, winning the girl over, and coming off as strong and confident rather than meek and nervous.

Source: Shutter Stock Mors Miles Male: The amount of planning that goes into dates and all the trial and error that goes into wooing a girl.

Dating as a guy can be like groundhog's day sometimes, where you keep repeating everything until you get to the part where you think you fucked up and then fix it.

It didn't "just happen", it was meticulously planned out.

I admit that this statement did come as surprising to me - I just assumed that dudes knew what to do.

But it seems like they actually do, so it's definitely something to keep in mind.This Ask Men Reddit thread explores that, and it’s really interesting to see how the opposite sex feels about relationships.Here are 12 things guys think about dating that they think girls just can’t understand: Zoneghost Male: Two things: Just how rare it is for the man to be messaged first (unless he looks like Adonis), combined with the shocking rate of rejections that men get. The thing that was discussed the most in this thread was the amount of rejection guys deal with.Source: Shutter Stock endernyc: That explicitly deciding not to text a guy for a week, hoping he'll text you, in order to gauge his interest just makes her look disinterested.You never want to seem like you're not interested at all - that will backfire. Source: Shutter Stock n0ggy Male: Many girls complain (understandably) about unwanted attention and ask guys to only ask out girls who are interested.

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