Traditional dating habits

But nicely, make sure you don’t come off too strong and I get weary of you.

But don’t worry too much, if you are sincere in your proposal, there will be no creeping out and it would be a welcome change for once to be asked out like that.

Another famous saying is “Sada Suhagan Rahe”, meaning “may you never become a widow”; that is you should die earlier than your husband.

In the lower North India state of Rajasthan, ladies used to observe ‘Sati’ – a lady would sit on the burning pyre of her dead husband and burn herself alive.

 Alarmed by this trend, prenatal tests to determine sex of unborn child are illegal here.

All laboratories here have to display in a very prominent manner that they do not determine the sex of unborn children.  So much is the growing concern that the supreme Sikh temporal body ‘Akal Takhat’ (equivalent to the Pope for Christians or Mecca for Muslims), issued an edict that anybody aborting a female child will be known as ‘Kudimar’ (“Kudi” is girl and “Mar” is killer; meaning Killer of a girl). Jagir Kaur, allegedly got her daughter killed as she eloped with her boyfriend during dating.  Dating and Marriage  Marriage is arranged by parents in about 80% of the cases. After they choose one, the boy and girl are made to see each other.

Girls are considered a liability here and female infanticide or foeticide is prevalent.

In most cases, dating in this region starts after parents arrange marriage.

In this article, we will look at the culture and past of this region.

And in this world of fast food and the likes, we now also have something called ‘speed dating’. I don’t want to meet a bunch of strangers and spend couple of minutes with each and suddenly decided who is good enough to make the cut. Other matchmaking apps, authenticity doesn’t seem to be topping any lists of potential matches.

I want to experience a nice date, the old-fashioned way: the time of the Gentleman and his Lady. Also, dating meant more than just a quick meeting over coffee (definitely much more than Netflix and chill), it was a special occasion and the sincerity of the arrangements reflected it.

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