Tips for the early stages of dating

One of my friends is very blunt with guys now that she is almost 30.

If I really did have a good time though, I text him.

ok so another example he is busy pretty much the whole's long to explain but almost like a side job this weekend in some sense but more for interest as well. I dont really know if he would pick up, i am guessing not if he is with others.

Or call anyway just to call.if he texts me maybe i should say call me later if you have a few minutes for a break or something We texted a little bit today which was initiated by me but if he is with others he takes hours to respond like i said before. Do i lay low rather than questioning anything and just give the benefit of the doubt?

Just sort of looking for tips, advice on what others think works best in these situations.

It can be confusing with dating even if it's the right guy. If it weren't too soon, it would be happening, and it isn't.

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