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Cut flowers are doomed to die because they are severed from their roots, just as Jewish culture has been severed from its roots in the Jewish religion.

The "cut-flower phenomenon" illustrates the predicament of Jewish culture.Since the vast majority of American Jews are of Ashkenazic descent, this means that 25% of the descendants of European Jews who resisted the blandishments and threats of Christianity for some sixty generations, often at the cost of their lives, are now voluntary apostates.American Jews have been occupied for four decades in a desperate attempt to stay the tide of assimilation and intermarriage (not to even speak of their more hideous confrere: conversion).How were Brian's parents able to transmit to their son an allegiance to Catholicism which washed away Jodi's loyalty to her own Jewish heritage like a wave dissolving a sand castle on the beach? According to the American Jewish Identity Survey 2001, out of approximately 5.5 million American adults who are either Jewish by religion or of Jewish parentage and/or upbringing, nearly 1.4 million say they are members of a non-Jewish religion.We are not talking here about secularism, not about Jews who opt out of going to synagogue in favor of a baseball game or the movies, but rather in favor of church.

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