The difficulty of two celebrities dating each other deal breakers in dating

Even when there is agreement not to be out, there may be differences between women about how far to go to hide their relationship.

HAVING TIME APART It’s not uncommon in the beginning of a relationship for lesbian couples to spend all of their free time together – basking in each other’s love and mutual discovery.

Being in a lesbian relationship can feel like starting from scratch – we get to ask ourselves what kind of relationship we want rather than feel compelled to follow some Hollywood model. We don’t live in a vacuum, there are social pressures on us.

For lesbians, homophobia can present an obvious pressure and strain on our relationships.

Even when both women are mostly or completely out, homophobia can, take its toll – because of harassment, fear of harassment, times it’s scary to be out and you pull apart from each other, rumours that get started, assumptions that are made about you, and so on.

Repeatedly framing the problem as homophobia, rather than an inadequacy on the part of either women, helps to lay the blame where it belongs and instead of fighting about how to handle situations it is far better to bond over a mutual problem and find your way through it together.

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