Tfs burndown chart not updating

Feature requests may be captured using CA Agile Central Idea Manager and converted into user stories when ready for prioritization and development.A process by which you can change the amount of information displayed in a view.These differ from acceptance criteria in that they are typically technical in nature and generalized to be valid for most work items (such as unit tests complete, online help updated), as opposed to value-driven criteria specific to a feature (such as website users should only be able to create one account per email address).A description of a feature or function that does not currently exist in the software, requested by a customer or other stakeholder.Facilitates the events leading up to big room planning.A term to describe a member of a scrum team or daily standup meeting that does not have an active stake in the work.

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Guidance (guidelines) may include techniques, procedures, standards, tips, templates of work items, examples of work items, definitions, and so on.Users can control what panels display and how they appear.You can create multiple dashboards as custom pages.CA Agile Central allows you to use your own custom app code and provides a catalog of managed apps.Associations are relationships that assist in managing software development work items.

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