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I’ve tried her method with domestic duck and it is very good.It is hard not to love a recipe that ends with the advice to ‘add more gin if the sauce is too thick’.

Some like to use it in cocktails, with such confections as the Moll Flanders (gin, sloe gin, dry vermouth, Angostura bitters), the Sloe Comfortable Screw (sloe gin, Southern Comfort, vodka, orange juice) and the dire- sounding Hopeless Case (sloe gin, peppermint schnapps, cola).Sloe berries are not usually ready for picking until later in the year, but the fine summer and ample rainfall of the past few weeks has encouraged the berries to ripen early.They are often used in gin, jelly and puddings In my home patch of the Ashford valley in East Kent, partridge and pigeon feast on fallen grains in the fields.The rules may have been more lax for the reception, which Markle did attend, deflecting at least a bit of the attention from Prince George’s temper tantrum a few hours earlier.The couple take a three-week trip to Botswana in celebration of Markle’s 36th birthday, and maybe something else, too. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course. Markle became engaged in London earlier this month.

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