Sweet home alabama dating show paige exective dating

“When one of us would get upset, the other one would get us both back in the right mindset,” she explains.Thanks to the editing of , the show may have given viewers a different impression of what Korfe was truly like.Jeremiah made a lot of great friends though the show as well.We never know what the future might hold, but Paige and Jeremiah know that for them it is together.They have a lot of fun together and their pictures show them acting silly, kissing, and having an all around good time.

Jeremiah shared that he will just let Paige keep him updated on the show.Are you glad to see this couple still together and going strong?Love was found in "Sweet Home Alabama" this time and things are really good for them!Duke made it clear that she truly believes there’s someone out there for everyone, sharing these inspiring words: “I don’t think people should settle just for the sake of not being alone.If you are looking for an update on Paige Duke and Jeremiah Korfe of "Sweet Home Alabama," you are in the right place.

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