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Applications must be approved by the student's counselor, as well as the Katy Virtual School and may take several weeks to process.Course requests will be processed in the order they are received.Transfer grades will be sent to the receiving district following the normal campus process.​​Katy ISD Virtual School courses are listed on pages 85-86 of the Katy ISD Course Catalog.​​ ​​ Courses for summer junior high students are listed on page 92.By University policy, summer fees are based on the fees charged in the subsequent academic year.Fees for 2018 Summer Session are pending the state's final budget and approval by the Regents of the University of California.Transcripts are available approximately two weeks after the end of the session. If you are a UC student, an official transcript will be sent to your home campus without charge after Summer Session II.AP Psychology, Pre AP Psychology, AP Government, Summer 1​, AP Economics, Summer 12.

These will be listed with individual courses where they apply beginning March 1st and are non-refundable regardless of enrollment date or attendance.Therefore, if your Summer Session student status changes with the UCI Registrar, your course and mandatory campus fees will be adjusted accordingly.The following outlines a few common student statuses.(This fee can be adjusted at any time based on student status reported by the Registrar's Office.)Visiting international students pay an International Student Fee of 0 in addition to the 9 mandatory campus fee above.*For international students only taking online courses from their home country, the International Student Enrollment Fee will be 0 in addition to the 9 mandatory campus fee above.

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