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Or, put even another way, tips for the development of a street smart attitude in a survival situation.First let us start out with a definition of “street smart”.If you want to learn something and become successful at this, you will have to listen to the guys who are already successful and who are out there, winning the game and rewriting the rules in their favour.The invisible concepts of how to trigger emotional attraction!

Original and tested no-nonsense chat-up lines that you can use right off the bat ... How to strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman ANYWHERE!

Crime can be anywhere but tends to be more prevalent in dark, quiet areas such as parking garages, alleys, stairs, and lonely roadways.

As you enter these areas, look around for things that don’t seem quite right. 5) Know your neighborhood: Reach out and get to know your neighbors and members of your community.

On the street, in a coffee-shop, in a mall, at work, in high-school, in a bar or in a nightclub ... Where to take women on dates and sweep them off their feet.

Learn how to take a woman on an unforgettable date without having to spend a dime..steal her heart. I'll teach you the most efficient kissing-technique I ever came across that will tell you when a woman is ready to be kissed ... The most POWERFUL techniques to instantly get a woman attracted to you.

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