Statistics on dating relationships

The study examined what happens between the ages of 10 and 14, when sibling violence peaks.Siblings learn violence as a form of manipulation and control as they compete with each other for family resources.Fifty-five percent said their sibling punched or hit them with something that could hurt, while half said they had done this to their sibling.One-quarter reported being slammed against a wall, and 27 percent said they had done the same to a sibling.

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This is a dramatic increase from a 1996 survey of adults 18 that found that only 33% of respondents have known a woman in an abusive relationship.

No differences were found based on race or whether children had grown up in broken homes.

The survey of 538 men and women was conducted at a community college in Hillsborough County, Florida.

They carry on these bullying behaviors to dating, the next peer relationship in which they have an emotional investment.

More than three-fourths of people in the survey -- 78 percent -- reported being pushed or shoved by a sibling, while nearly as many -- 77 percent -- said they had pushed or shoved a sibling.

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