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MORE: Spice Up Your Relationship With These Sexy Texts 21. You aren’t just my soulmate, you’re a part of my soul. Subject to those requirements, however, cashier's checks continue to be enforceable obligations of the issuing bank until they are paid.A check that is older than 90 days (or 180 days depending on the Country) is considered a stale or expired check. Such a check is called a stale dated check Answer \n It seems like this is a common case of miscommunication where the bank unnecessarily repossessed your vehicle. His answer will determine the fate of your relationship.

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The second action, Perform Stale Date, updates the Cash Ledger Transaction records. I can’t believe I actually feel this way about someone. Do you know how men decide that a woman is “the one”?Definition of a stale dated check: A check presented to the paying bank/location six months or more after the original issue date or after an expiration date specified on the check. Basically, it is just a piece of scrap paper you can use in your next papier-mâché project.Banks are not required by the Uniform Commerical Code to honor stale-dated checks. I understand that there’s the occasional person out there who may put the check somewhere and then lose it or forget about it for six months or more.

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