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A fundamental difference in the concept of worship is important to note: In the Temples of the old ways people would go to the temple TO BE WORSHIPED not to worship.Women would go to the temple to serve the Goddess to embody Her, to represent Her, to be worshipped as Her.The ancient Egyptians often decorated their sarcophagi with cowries.

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In traditions that go back to the dawn of civilization, the female vulva was revered as the magical portal of life, possessed of the power of both physical regeneration and spiritual illumination and transformation.

Note that the women were to prostitute themselves with strangers or foreigners.

In ancient times, the foreigners in these cities were mostly composed of traveling merchants and political dignitaries.

"You may not be aware of the ritualized preparation of the maypole.

Properly done, a hole is dug in the earth, then blessed and consecrated. Meanwhile, a tree is selected, cut down, and prepared, then also blessed and consecrated, and it represents the sacred phallus of the God.

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