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The Two Eagles Lodge sits on an extensive 12-acre property complete with three horses and plenty of wildlife for guests to admire.

Each room at this lodge has a private entrance as well as a private bathroom and excellent views.

Upon arrival, guests receive espresso, cappuccino, or tea as well as homemade sweet treats.

There is almost always access to freshly baked cookies.

The entire inn has wireless internet and you will find outdoor ski racks, secure mountain bike storage, off-street parking, and a heated glove or mitt-drying area.

Address: 6412 Easy Street, Whistler, BC, Canada, Phone: 604-932-2667 A View Of The Lake bed and breakfast is also a demonstration kitchen so you can relax and enjoy delicious food in a peaceful environment and even learn some new cooking skills.

There are four contemporary bedrooms to choose from, each of which has an amazing view, private lounge, guest entrance, and patio.

There are always snacks, tea, and coffee on hand to keep you refreshed.

The Eagle Lodge has a hot tub and cardio room which guests are welcome to use.

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