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Edison was not only a great inventor he was a great promoter.I believe that rather than spending the time and energy to refute some of what had been incorrectly written about him, he simply let some tales go unanswered.In limited social circles he relied on his wife Mina to speak for him and in business circles, Edison relied on Meadowcroft not only for his voice and ability to hear but also for his sound business sense.Some early films and photos of Tom Edison at work in West Orange, show Meadowcroft yelling into Edison's good right ear. Martin collaborated on the official biography of Thomas Edison in 1910.

The brilliant light of Paul's meticulous research comes shining through as he objectively illuminates previously unseen aspects of Edison's life, personality, research methodology, failures and achievements.

This section contains a summary about America's greatest inventor, Thomas Alva Edison.

It highlights his life as an inventor, entrepreneur and businessman.

Claiming that young Tom had ADD is just as much a myth as the belief that Edison was some kind of Wizard or that he had magical powers.

He often spoke positively about overcoming his hearing loss and the benefits of his mother's teaching skills with home schooling. He paid the price and was richly rewarded for his effort to be self-taught. As an intensely enthusiastic reader he would often question or 'lab test' a theory before he'd accept what he had read. Meadowcroft, Edison's personal assistant was his right arm in business, a gatekeeper to visitors, press agent and personal confidant.

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