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Ticket includes admission to the event and a drink of your choice off the menu.The Pony Express was a mail service delivering messages, newspapers, and mail. After Morehead was bought out and retired, Waddell merged his company with Russell's, changing the name to Waddell & Russell. In 1855 they took on a new partner, Alexander Majors, and founded the company of Russell, Majors & Waddell. In the late 1850s, William Russell, Alexander Majors, and William Waddell were the three founders of the Pony Express. They were already in the freighting and drayage business. Its reliance on the ability and endurance of individual young, hardy riders and fast horses was seen as evidence of rugged American individualism of the Frontier times. From 1866 until 1889, the Pony Express logo was used by stagecoach and freight company Wells Fargo, which provided secure mail service.

They often said that, if it came to be, the horse and rider should perish before the mochila did.

Maybe you’ll spot someone you fancy, it could energize you! Ladies, enjoy the small talk, the charm, better to ask what do you like to to do… Remember, this is just an introduction, there is no pressure, you’re not on a date exactly.

Chat with the other guests before the night starts…. By making some “friends” you might make real friends, meet other people you might meet again, have someone to chat to rather than being a wall flower and you can have a drink with them after and share some thoughts. For the ladies, dress well, do yourself up and believe you are beautiful! Take this five minutes to meet someone new, have the encounter.

For the gentlemen, dress sharp, come with a positive attitude, if you don’t fancy the person you’re chatting with and you’re sure, be kind, be friendly, smile. If you want to pursue something, the ball is in your court. If you don’t meet someone you want to date, you should still have met some great folks…

Enjoy some interesting conversations over a good cup of coffee at this Speed Dating event!

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