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We drove up the winding road (ok for cars and vans) and enjoyed vistas of the valley dotted with homes and agricultural plots. We parked at the Ponsi Hall community center and went inside to use the restroom and await the tour.

(our guide had already paid the fee and registered us).

The Hopi people came to the Mesas in ancient times.

I enjoyed Ray's perspective as a person who has lived both at Hopi (he was born at Bacavi)and in the outside world.

As we walked, Kachina carvers and potters offered their wares to us.

We were often invited in to homes to see the crafts.

In order to see the most at the Hopi Mesas and to be respectful of the people's privacy, it is recommended that you visit with a guide.

Choosing a Guide The Hopi have a unique religion and philosophy.

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