Societies where dating lasts

There are two modern models of polygynous societies, the African, and the Islamic.The Islamic attitude toward women shares much with the Hindu monogamist view, while in African societies women are much more independent economic actors, albeit within a patriarchal context.But in the modern world humans have decoupled sex and reproduction, and our fitness maximizing instincts are now countervailed by our conscious preference for smaller families.Greater economic production is not swallowed up by population growth, but rather greater individual affluence.

By reducing the fraction constantly scrambling for status and power so that they could become polygamists in their own right the general level of conflict was reduced in these societies.

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(as is the case among Mormon polygamists in the SA) Finally, I do not think one can discount the fact that despite the long term ultimate evolutionary logic, over shorter time periods other dynamics can take advantage of proximate mechanisms.

For example, humans purportedly wish to maximize fitness via our preference for sexual intercourse.

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