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According to an October poll by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal, this public reckoning has changed the way both men and women view these issues — nearly half of the women surveyed said they felt more encouraged to speak out about their own experiences.

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On campus, Bussel sees this as “an extreme lack of respect for women and their choices.”Like many women, Bussel says she and her friends have experienced various forms of sexual violence.

It [took] me out of that bubble, exposed how raw and horrifying it was.”The Me Too dialogue encouraged Boscaljon to review his own sexual history and reach out to everyone he’d been with in the past.

“I did an exhaustive list of everybody that I'd ever had romantic or sexual contact with,” he says.

She remembers one man who communicated about consent in a way that felt especially healthy.

The first time they slept together, “he took off his belt and went to put it around my hands, but first he asked, ‘Is this OK?

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